Identification and Document Signing

Biometrical Identification and Document Signing

What is palm vein recognition? Palm vein recognition is a biometric authentication method based on the unique patterns of veins in the palms of people’s hands. Palm vein recognition systems, like many other biometric technologies, capture the pattern of the palm vein, encrypts the data and stores it on a server as an encrypted hash code.

The most secure solution for document approval and system login

BLogin is a logical access control system based on biometrics that we need only our hand to log in into Windows or approve documents with our biometric ID. BLogin is Active Directory compatible.

Users’ reaction to complex
password-based systems in general:

  • They do not change the passwords
  • They use simple passwords
  • They forget or write up their passwords

In case of companies, this causes the following inconveniences:

  • Constant inconveniences for the users
  • Security risk
  • Implies continuous burden on the IT staff

Main feature of BLogIn:

  • Unsecure passwords, which can be stolen, are replaced and managed by a single-gate biometric identification
  • Each time it creates different 127 characters long password for login
  • No more expired passwords
  • Decreased security risk
  • Increased efficiency
  • Decreased administrative burden for the IT staff
  • Active Directory compatible, therefore access and right management can be managed on one surface together with domain management
  • It can be combined with other biometric products
  • Can be integrated with other IT security systems


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