At OMSTEC, we create CDM compliant Health & Safety Files [H&S File] and manage its entire authoring process. We work with the Main Contractor, Project team and Principal Designer [formerly CDM-Coordinator] to identify the scope, structure and relevant information to be included in the H&S File.

We chase, collate and present all appropriate project documentation required to satisfy compliance at PC with the legal obligation.

The Health and Safety File [H&S File] is a Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015 [CDM15] legislative requirement on all notifiable construction projects involving more than one contractor.

The H&S File is a vital document that must be presented as part of achieving Practical Completion on a project.

It is distinct from the Building Manual and contains information to facilitate future operation, cleaning, maintenance, alterations and demolition activities, to be carried out safely.


The scope, structure and format of the file should be agreed between the client and the principal designer at the start of the project.

A fully CDM15 compliant Health and Safety File will typically include the following;

  • Any hazards not eliminated through the design and construction processes and how they have been addressed, i.e. surveys or other information concerning asbestos or contaminated land
  • Key structural principles and safe working loads for floors and roofs
  • Hazardous materials used i.e. special coatings and lead paints
  • Information regarding removal and dismantling of installed plant and equipment
  • Health and Safety information about equipment provided for cleaning or maintaining the structure
  • The nature and location of significant services i.e. underground cables, gas supply equipment etc.
  • Information and as built drawings of the building, its plant and equipment


The updated Health & Safety File must be presented to the client at the end of the project. It is important the client understands the structure and content of the file and its significance for any future project.

The client has a duty to retain the Health & Safety file and make it available to anyone who may need it for as long as it remains relevant. If the building is sold it should be passed on to the new owners and updated for any future works.


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